Cover Letter Aplikasi S3 untuk Menghubungi Profesor

Nurfitri Anbarsanti
Edelweiss Street 7 no. 20,
Tangerang 15141, Indonesia

January 10th, 2019

Associate Professor Cheah Chien Chen
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Nanyang Technological University

Dear Assoc. Prof. Cheah Chien Chen,

I write to inquire about the possibility of being a Ph.D. student at EEE NTU under your supervision. I have passed the NTU’s entry requirement (through TPT Test on 26th Apr 2018) as a Ph.D. student and expected to enroll for the August 2018 intake, but there were some issues on the funded project that has been offered by my prospective supervisor (Assoc Prof Tegoeh from MAE) so that the project changed and the enrollment is being delayed until August 2019 – later known that the field of the newly funded project from him is not suitable with my skill sets. Then, I read that one of your research fields is robot control, so I decided to contact you. Hopefully, I could conduct my research under your supervision.

As my CV illustrates, I have a broad range of research and teaching experiences. I have had some linear and funded research experiences since I was an undergraduate student, e.g., building HCI systems using wearable sensors, designing and implementing motion transfer systems from motion capture systems to dancing humanoid robots, and developing dance learning and recognition system based on HMM. I published a paper about the dance learning recognition system, and I got the best paper award at ICIDM 2014 in Malaysia. I also have ten years of experience in teaching, from individual mentoring to teaching undergraduate courses of Electrical Engineering major. Based on my research experience, along with teaching and tutoring experiences, I want to improve my career in academia. I choose to continue my study abroad because I want to have some international experiences in a well-developed country.

After I had finished my master’s, I took three years working before taking Ph.D. opportunities to rebuild my work ethic and emotional maturity. My experiences in teaching have provided me with some skillsets which I believe will be critical for a successful Ph.D. student. My emotional intelligence such as discipline, working hard, persistence, long-term commitment, fast learning and writing, being stable in a frustrating situation, and overcoming conflict in a team – are strengthened. Now, I feel I have been mature enough to be a Ph.D. student, and I promise to myself to work hard to finish it on time.

I have enclosed my academic CV. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to discuss my research interest and plan with you. If you are interested, the application can be transferred to you (my application number is R1804759), and Mr. Assoc Prof Tegoeh from MAE will approach you too. I am ready to be interviewed. Thank you for your time and consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,


Dari cover letter serupa seperti di atas, saya sempat mendapatkan penerimaan menuju tahap interview dari sekitar 5 professor dari TU Delft, TU Vienna, University of Southampton, University of Melbourne dan UNSW. Kisah lengkapnya bisa dibaca di postingan blog yang lain.

Cover letter ini bukan yang terbaik dan masih perlu penyesuaian lagi tergantung konteks dan pengalaman applicant. Semoga bermanfaat bagi yang membutuhkan contoh cover letter :).

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh 😀

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